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The Foundation was created by Cam Neely over 25 years ago, in honor of his parents who both passed away from cancer. The Neely House serves as the Foundation’s home for cancer patients undergoing treatment, expanding an entire floor of individual apartments within the walls of Tufts Medical Center. The purpose of The Neely House extends beyond being a home-away-from-home for cancer patients and their families. The House serves as a warm, non-clinical environment where patients and their loved ones can talk to others who are experiencing similar situations, providing support beyond just a place to sleep.

“Secure Our City really understood our patients’ needs and circumstances. Geva went above and beyond to make the House truly incredible. It was great to work with someone who genuinely cares about how his work is impacting others.”

Danielle LaVoie

Director, Neely House & Cancer Fund Initiatives


The Neely House had been kept in incredible condition and was meticulously maintained by its staff, but over time had experienced typical wear and tear. After 20 years of housing patients and families, management conducted a complete survey of the entire House, room by room, for updates and improvements. Secure Our City had previously completed a project at Tufts Medical Center and was recommended by Tufts to assist in the renovation of The House.


It was important in Secure Our City’s design to implement enhanced security and modernize the technology at The House. The door locks were upgraded from traditional keys to key fobs, helping staff control visitor access much more efficiently. There was no video surveillance in place, so the renovation also added camera visibility for heightened security and access control. Secure Our City worked with many vendors and organizations within the community which resulted in generous donations of new appliances, technology, and other equipment. Beyond enhanced security, the two kitchens were also completely renovated, and Secure Our City added a state-of-the-art movie room.