Making a difference

At Secure Our City, our mission has always been to design, deliver, and support customized physical security solutions that best fit each customer. We have seen firsthand how important making a difference in your community impacts so many. Along with striving to provide the best service possible, it is also part of Secure Our City’s mission to carry this philosophy into our communities as well. Every year, Secure Our City selects one project that is dedicated to a non-profit organization, to help give back to the community.

Secure Our City began our community awareness program over four years ago, in honor of Susan Shanahan, a dear friend of our team. Susan Shanahan (Sue) passed away in the Summer of 2016 following an eight-week battle with a rare form of cancer called leiomyosarcoma. Sue lived in Princeton, MA, where she raised her family of four with her beloved husband, Mike, of 25 years. Trained as an electrical engineer, Sue went on to serve as Princeton’s Director of Parks and Recreation as well as the Council on Aging. She also freely gave her time volunteering for roles such as PTA President and the Director of a summer sailing program. Sue’s eagerness to help others, in any way she could, was evident to everyone. She touched many lives, and especially our team, with all she did for her community.


In honor of Sue, Secure Our City launched its first community program in 2018. We continue every year to give back to a cause in which we feel can make a significant impact, while continuing to honor the wonderful person Sue was, a true philanthropist.

Learn more about Secure Our City’s community impact projects by visiting our Impacting Communities page.