Central square church

Central Square Church

Both located in Cambridge, MA, the First Baptist Church, and Cambridge Community Fellowship Church had been working towards merging with each other. At the same time, the church was looking into renovating the building at 5 Magazine Street.

The Church Mission Council needed guidance with the IT and security aspects of the renovation, especially with the location being right in the middle of Central Square. The merger was successfully completed mid-pandemic, creating Central Square Church. Secure Our City was referred to the church to help with the renovations and selected Central Square as part of its 2020 community outreach program.

“Geva was like a godsend for us. We didn’t have to hire multiple contractors for different parts of the renovation – his team handled it all. We were extremely grateful and blessed for having someone we could trust, and who we felt was truly looking out for the best interest of the Church.”

David Lee

Member, Central Square Church Mission Council


The building initially had traditional locks with keys, which was cumbersome and inefficient. Access control was a concern for the building as keys were often misplaced and unaccounted for. Given the location of the Church, secure access control and knowing who has access to the building was a top priority. From an IT perspective, the Church also really needed a reliable Wi-fi network, to provide a more robust internet connection.


Secure Our City’s design created an updated, seamless IT infrastructure for the Church. Upgrading the access control to card readers allowed staff to have real-time awareness of who is in the building at any given time, resulting in a more secure environment for the ministries. Intercoms along with surveillance cameras were also integrated into the new system. Secure Our City was also responsible for sourcing multiple manufacturers who were willing to donate materials for this project to be completed within scope and budget.